Overcome the Negativity and Self-Doubt and Take Back Control of Your Life


No longer allow your self-doubt and loss of hope to define your life. You were meant to live in greatness; not just ‘good enough’.

I know how tired you are. I’ve lived it myself. Now it’s your turn to follow your dreams. You owe it to yourself.

You have the power to overcome this feeling and give yourself the hope and positivity that you so desperately desire. Together we will get you to the point where you no longer have to just survive, but instead, live a life filled with joy and hope.

Find it withing Jackie Torres Coaching.



Who are these packages for?

  • Individuals seeking hope after a loss

  • Individuals that want to change the way they view negativity

  • For those that are struggling with creating self-confidence and releasing negative thoughts.

  • For those that can’t get over their struggles from their past and present life quick so that they can be the person that they desire to be.

  • And lastly, for those that are tired of being tired. Those that want to make a change and find inner peace and hope without feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated!




1. The 6-Module Self-Improvement Coaching Program – $97

*Self-paced online program with lifetime access

For more information on this upcoming course or to enroll in the course, check it out here!

2. One on One Grief and Empowerment Coaching Sessions:

$350/Month or $997 for 12 Weeks

*Weekly coaching sessions

*Weekly exercises/homework




  • Find your inner rock star and take back control of your life

  • Work personally with Jackie, one-on-one, and gain clarity on your life

  • Bring back positivity and happiness

  • Bring yourself healing and hope through simple mindset exercises

  • Having a partner to walk through it all with you




  • Gaining a sense of inner peace and positivity for your life
  • Moving forward with your life after a loss
  • Channeling in on the struggles that are causing you to have doubts or limited growth
  • Giving you back the hope for your life so that you can discover your full potential



If you are interested in any of the packages above, please book your free consultation session today to see if we are a good fit!




A coach inspires individuals to maximize personal and professional potential. A coach is your partner and holds you accountable for your goals.

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